Bible: 1 Kings 21:4-7

21:4 So Ahab went into his palace, bitter and angry that Naboth the Jezreelite had said, 1 I will not sell to you my ancestral inheritance.” 2  He lay down on his bed, pouted, 3  and would not eat. 21:5 Then his wife Jezebel came in and said to him, “Why do you have a bitter attitude and refuse to eat? 21:6 He answered her, “While I was talking to Naboth the Jezreelite, I said to him, ‘Sell me your vineyard for silver, or if you prefer, I will give you another vineyard in its place.’ But he said, ‘I will not sell you my vineyard.’ 4  21:7 His wife Jezebel said to him, “You are the king of Israel! 5  Get up, eat some food, and have a good time. 6  I will get the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite for you.”

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